Characteristics of individual committees

I. Besides Presidium, there are two other internal committees established directly by law end equipped with concrete competence. In their activity, neither of them is subordinated to the Presidium.


Disciplinary Committee

As a Chairman was appointed Ing. Radek Neužil, LL.M. 

Other members of the Committee: JUDr. Jan Bárta, CSc.; RNDr. Ladislav Minčič, CSc., MBA; JUDr. Mgr. Petra Nováková, Ph.D.

The Disciplinary Committee was established by an amendment to Act on Auditors No. 334/2014 Coll. The Committee is entitled to carry out of the Board´s competence concerning the proceedings on sanctions in compliance with part XI. of the Act. An appeal against the decision made by the Committee is solved by the Presidium. Moreover, the Disciplinary Committee performs also the investigation in line with § 40b of the Act on Auditors.

Inspections Committee

As a Chairwoman was appointed Ing. Monika Vítová.

Other members of the Committee: JUDr. Dalibor Vaigert; JUDr. Ing. Josef Staša, CSc.; Ing. Libor Vašek, Ph.D.; Ing. Zdeňka Drápalová

This Committee follows in its activity § 39c of the Act on Auditors; it is responsible for a) organization and governance of the inspections of PIEs according to Regulation (EU) No. 537/2014, b) preparation of the summary report on quality ensurance system that is definitely approved by the Presidium, c) preparation of the investigation plan also approved by the Presidium.


II. According to § 38a of the Act, the Board can establish advisory commissions whose are typical by their auxiliary role; none of them is entitled to carry out any direct competence.

Commission for Cooperation and Coordination of Audit 

As a Chairman was appointed Ing. Pavel Racocha, MIA

Other members of the Commission: prof. JUDr. Marie Karfíková, CSc.; Ing. Věra Mazánková; Ing. Irena Liškařová; Ing. Jiří Nekovář; Ing. Bohuslav Poduška, CIA, CRMA; Ing. Radek Neužil, LL.M.; Ing. Petr Kříž; Mgr. Tomáš Pivoňka, CIA, CRMA; RNDr. Vladimír Koníček; Ing. Stanislav Koucký; RNDr. Eva Racková, CISA; Ing. Petr Koblic.

This Commission is responsible especially for coordination of work relevant to preparation of legal regulation regarding statutory audit of financial statements, also including cooperation with Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and other supervising authorities within EU or in the third countries. It discusses the changes of internal regulation with the Chamber of Auditors and if neccessary cooperates with other advisory commissions. Considering its composition, this commission should be also helpful in the effort to set up administrative practice in unclear ares of law.

Commission for Coordination of Education and Professional Examinations

As a Chairman was appointed Ing. Josef Tyll, Ph.D.

Other members of the Commission: prof. Ing. Evžen Kočenda, Ph.D.; prof. Ing. Bohumil Král, CSc.; Ph.D.; prof. Ing. Libuše Műllerová, CSc.; Ing. Zdeněk Grygar, Ing. Jana Báčová

This Committee is responsible especially for supervision over the organization, control and operation of the examination system, and also over the system of continuous education of statutory auditors performed by the Chamber. In this connection the Committee cooperates with other EU supervisory bodies or with similar offices in the third countries under conditions provided by the Act on Auditors. Besides, the Commission cooperates with other Board’s committees and advisory commissions.

Controlling Commission

As a Chairwoman was appointed Ing. Ludmila Nutilová

Other members of the Commission: Ing. Daniel Häusler

This Commission is responsible especially for organization and performance of accuracy control, economy and budgetary efficiency and Board´s expenditures for fulfilling its oversight role. The Presidium receives regularly information about concrete findings and remedial measures. In this sense the Commission cooperates with other bodies authorized to perform inspection over Board´s economy.