About Board

The Board is a public authority supervising the performance of auditing activity. The Board was created upon statute of law No. 93/2009 Coll. on auditors, which all statutory auditors and auditor firms are subject to. The Board is also authorized with supervision over the activities of the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic and is independent on auditors’ profession.

The function of the Board should lead to enhancing the credibility of auditor profession as well as accounting entities where financial statements are authorized by auditors, and should also address domestic and foreign investors, wide public domain and state institutions. The objective is to improve transparency, serviceability and first of all the confidence of clients in quality of auditor services. In the same way, the establishing of the public body for public oversight should increase the certitude and convenience of people engaged in auditor’s profession. Further goal is securing effective cooperation among supervising authorities over auditor activities in other countries of European Union and outside.

The Board exercises public oversight as follows:

  • by checking on the observance of law provisions, international auditor standards, auditor standards issued by the Chamber and ethical codex and internal regulations of the Chamber of auditors and Chamber bodies
  • by organizing, control and operation of the quality system control of auditor activities performed by the Chamber
  • by organizing, control and operation of the system of continuous education of statutory auditors carried out by the Chamber
  • by application of disciplinary and sanction measures by the Chamber according to law in proceedings against auditors, eventually against auditors from third countries

The Board – furthermore:

  • cooperates with the Ministry of Finance in preparation of legal regulations in relation to statutory audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • cooperates with authorities for public audit oversight of member states and third countries under conditions provided by this law
  • cooperates with Czech nationals Bank republic audit oversight and conducts auditor activities for persons subject to supervision of the Czech National Bank
  • performs the function of Appeals Council in cases stipulated by law or special legal regulation
  • monitors complaints procedures lodged by third persons against statutory auditors, auditor firms or handles complaints submitted to the Chamber and complaints submitted by the Chamber
  • in cooperation with the Chamber discusses motions for changes of internal regulations or propositions of internal regulations of the Chamber before their processing by the Assembly or by Executive Committee
  • before issuing a report on public audit oversight in Czech Republic, the Board consults the results of public supervision with the Chamber
  • supervises the performance of quality control according to §24 of the law by means of a mediator authorized by the Board or other authorized person, and proposes remedial measures
  • supervises the disciplinary procedures of Chamber’s disciplinary panel or takes part in
  • nominates and recalls members of examining board for evaluation of auditor tests
  • conducts other activities stipulated by law necessary for due course of public audit oversight

The Board has the right to:

  • file a motion to the Chamber for cancellation or alteration of the Chamber’s internal regulation or its part, in case of discrepancy with the law or other legal regulation
  • file a motion to the Chamber for carrying out auditor’s / or auditor firm’s quality control
  • supervise the Chamber’s performance of quality control according to § 24 of the law by means of a mediator or other authorized person and propose remedial measures; request quality control reports from the Chamber
  • participate in Chamber’s assemblies or in sessions of its bodies; The members of the Board have no voting right
  • receive copies of documents or information from the Chamber, which are necessary for consideration of specific case relevant to public oversight or in case when the Board fulfills the function of an appellate body
  • submit Chamber’s decision, in substantiated cases, for a new revision by the Chamber
  • request Chamber’s coordination in securing Board’s own statutory obligations and responsibilities

The Presidium on its foundation meeting approved and accepted the Statute of the Board issued in accordance with the law No. 93/2009 Coll. on auditors, which regulates the status, competence, principles of economical management, and internal organization of the Board.