The Board is a public authority established by Act No. 93/2009 Coll. on auditors as an independent legal person authorized to perform concrete tasks associated with audit oversight in the Czech Republic.

The function of the Board should enhance the credibility of audit profession as well as accounting entities where financial statements are authorized by auditors, and should also address domestic and foreign investors, wide public domain and state institutions. The objective is to improve transparency and confidence of stakeholders in quality of audit services. In the same way, the existence of the institucionalized public oversight should increase the certitude and convenience of people engaged in auditor's profession itself. Further goal is to secure effective cooperation among similar offices in other EU member states as well as outside.

The Board exercises a supervision of:

the observance of law provisions, international auditor standards, auditor standards issued by the Chamber, Ethical Codex and internal regulations of the Chamber,the organization and performance of the inspections managed by the Chamber,the organization and operation of the system of continuous education of statutory auditors carried out by the Chamber,application of disciplinary measures by the Chamber in compliance with law.

The Board – furthermore:

cooperates with the Ministry of Finance in preparation of legal regulation in relation to statutory audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statementscooperates with other authorities in EU member states and third countries under conditions provided by the Actcooperates with the Czech National Bank in the area of audit services for financial subjects under bank´s supervisionperforms the function of appellation body in cases stipulated by the Actleads a discussion with the Chamber concerning the contents and rules of internal regulation before its approving by the Assembly or by the Executive Committee of the Chamber; the Board is also entitled to make a motion to cancel or alter Chamber's internal regulation or its part, especially in case of discrepancy with the Act or other legal regulationsupervises the performance of quality control according to sec. 24 of the Act by means of a person authorized by the Board and proposes remedial measuresmakes a binding motion to carry out a quality control organised subsequently by the Chambersupervises the disciplinary procedures of Chamber's Disciplinary Committeenominates and recalls members of examining board for evaluation of auditor testsconducts other activities stipulated by the Act and necessary for the purpose of audit oversightparticipates in Chamber´s assemblies without voting right of its representatives